Oxford Latin American Graduate Network: Participation yielding stigmatization? Demobilized combatants’ involvement during Colombia’s Paro Nacional

Speaker: Christoph Sponsel, University of Oxford

Discussant: Dan Barker Flores, University of Oxford

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chris sponsel

Christoph Sponsel is a second-year DPhil student in Politics at Oxford. His thesis, supervised by Stathis Kalyvas, analyzes different challenges societies in peace processes face. Before Oxford, Christoph studied economics, focussing on Latin American development, and worked for several years in management consulting. His interest in Latin American societies and culture developed through internships at the German embassy in Quito and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bogotá.








Daniel Barker Flores is a DPhil student in Politics at Oxford's DPIR. His research focuses on recent security interventions in marginalised urban communities across Latin America (with a specific focus on cities in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil). His research is funded by the ESRC, as part of the Grand Union DTP, and by Green Templeton College through the Sir David Watson Scholarship.