BSP - OUBS Brazilian Studies Seminar Series: Trabalhar por conta própria no Brasil: renda, processos organizativos e pandemia

Speaker: Juliana Lopes da Silva, USP (Former Recognised Student at the BSP/LAC, University of Oxford)




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Juliana Lopes da Silva is a Social Psychologist PhD candidate at University of São Paulo – USP (São Paulo, Brazil), with MA and BA in Psychology. She has experience as a lecturer at private universities in Brazil, as well as advising undergraduate project research. In her studies, she adopts the Social Psychology of Work and Cultural-Historical Psychology perspectives. Her interests are related to the intersection between labor and subjects as life experiences, mental health, labor market and inequality. In her Master’s research, she investigated the impacts of work-related accidents in workers’ lives. In her doctoral research, she focuses on experiences of self-employed workers of different professional categories, using qualitative data. She has been working under the supervision of professors Fábio de Oliveira and Márcia Hespanhol Bernardo (USP). At the Latin American Centre, she is a Recognised Student during Michaelmas Term of 2021, under the supervision of Professor Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos. She is also a member of Brazilian Social Psychology Association (ABRAPSO) and a researcher associated to TraMPoS/USP, a research and study laboratory on labor, social movement, and social policies from the Institute of Psychology. Currently, her doctoral research is sponsored by CAPES Foundation (Ministry of Education in Brazil).