A regional view on climate action and carbon removal in Latin America

The seminar “A regional view on climate action and carbon removal in Latin America” is hosted by InSIS with the support of the partnership of the University of Oxford Latin American Centre, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and ClimateWorks. The event will allow participants to discuss a regional perspective on the current situation regarding climate policy, enhancing carbon sinks, and developing new approaches for removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The event is hosted as part of the project GGR: Governance and Standards for Carbon Neutrality (GASCON).




Agenda (Full details here)

2:00pm Open

2:10pm Regional perspectives

3:50pm Break

4:00pm National cases

5:40pm Wrap-up 




Overview of policies and commercialisation mechanisms to support negative emissions

Dr Conor Hickey, University of Oxford


Taking Stock of Carbon Dioxide Removal Governance in Emerging Economies: Developments in Brazil, China, India and Russia

Mr Felix Schenuit, SwP Berlin


Greenhouse gas removal in Latin America

Mr Hernán Carlino, Torcuato Di Tella Foundation


Carbon removal context and motivations: an institutional comparison of GGR deployment in Brazil, Chile and Mexico

Dr Jose Maria Valenzuela & Dr Javier Lezaun, University of Oxford


Technologies for carbon neutrality in Chile

Dr Tomas Ariztía, Universidad Diego Portales & Dr Sebastián Ureta, Universidad Alberto Urtado


The lack of ambition in Brazil's NDC

Dr Aline Soterroni, University of Oxford


The agricultural sector potential and limitations for Brazilian climate ambition

Dr Heloísa Tozato, IEA/EACH - São Paulo University (USP) &

Dr Guilherme Costa, ESPM Social and Environmental Development Centre


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