Recordings of LAC seminars

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We are delighted to share the following recordings of our LAC Main Seminar Series and LAC History Seminar Series on our YouTube channel.


The World That Latin America Created: Development and Capitalism in the post-WWII Era

Speakers: Margarita Fajardo, Sarah Lawrence College in conversation with Andrés Guiot-Isaac, OSGA and Brasenose College


The Rebel Scribe: Carleton Beals and the Progressive Challenge to US Policy in Latin America

Speakers: Christopher Neal, Freelance journalist and author, Malcolm Deas, Latin American Centre, and Alan Knight, Latin American Centre


In the Name of Christ: Lynching, Religion, and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Mexico (1930-1960)

Speaker: Gema Kloppe-Santamaría, Loyola University, Chicago and the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies in Germany


The Age of Revolutions in the Ibero-American World revisited

Speakers: Roberto Breña, El Colegio de México, in conversation with Juan Luis Simal, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


A Body of One's Own: A Trans* History of Argentina (1900-2012)

Speaker: Patricio Simonetto, University College London


In the Blood of our Brothers: Abolitionism and the End of the Slave Trade in Spain’s Atlantic Empire, 1800–1870

Speakers: Jesús Sanjurjo, Cardiff University in conversation with Randy J. Sparks, Tulane University


Matters of Justice: Pueblos, the Judiciary, and Agrarian Reform in Revolutionary Mexico

Speakers: Helga Baitenmann, University of London, in conversation with Timo Schaefer, LAC and History Faculty


El debate fundacional: Los orígenes de la historiografía chilena

Speakers: Iván Jaksić, University of Stanford in Santiago in conversation with Macarena Ponce de León, Museo Histórico, Santiago


Britain and the Growth of US Hegemony in Twentieth-Century Latin America

Speakers: Rory Miller, University of Liverpool; Thomas C Mills, University of Lancaster; and Olivia Saunders, Liverpool John Moores University


A Class that Does (not) Matter: Rethinking Cold War Latin America from the Middle

Speaker: Ricardo López-Pedreros, UCL and Western Washington University


Las independencias hispanoamericanas frente a la contrarevolución

Speakers: Marcela Ternavasio, Universidad Nacional del Rosario, Argentina, en conversación con Pedro Rújula, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain


South to Freedom: Runaway Slaves to Mexico and the Road to the Civil War

Speakers: Alice Baumgartner, University of Southern California, in conversation with Raphael Folsom, University of Oklahoma


Estallido - The beginning of the end for neoliberalism in Chile?

Speaker: Hassan Akram, Wake Forest University’s Chile Centre


The Mexican-American War, 1846-48

Speakers: Professor Peter Guardino, Indiana University, in conversation with Dr Timo Schaefer


Indigenous Resistance to Narco Rule

Speaker: Guillermo Trejo, Notre Dame


Tides of Revolution: Information, Insurgencies, and the Crisis of Colonial Rule in Venezuela

Speakers: Cristina Soriano, Villanova University, in conversation with Juan Neves


Creative Construction: The Rise of Mass Infrastructure in Latin America

Speaker: Alisha Holland, Harvard University


Historia conceptual en el Atlántico Ibérico

Speakers: Professor Javier Fernandez Sebastian, Universidad del País Vasco, in coversation with Professor Carole Leal, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela


Confronting ongoing Legacies of Violence and Division

Speaker: Roddy Brett, University of Bristol


The matters with evangelical lives in Brazil

Speaker: Juliano Spyer, Behup, Brazil


Black Women, the Law, and the Making of a White Argentine Republic

Speakers: Erika Denise Edwards, University of North Caroline at Charlotte, in conversation with Celso Thomas Castilho, Vanderbilt University


Political Economies of Energy Transition: Wind and Solar Power in Brazil and South Africa

Speaker: Kathryn Hochstetler, LSE


Agrarian Reform and Political Change under Peru’s Military Government

Speaker: Anna Cant, LSE


Transition in Venezuela? Challenges for the Rule of Law and Human Rights in 2021

Speakers: Maryhen Jiménez, LAC, and José Miguel Vivanco, Executive Director Americas Division, Human Rights Watch


Popol Vuh: A Retelling

Speakers: Ilan Stavans, Armhest College in conversation with Jorge Cañizares, University of Texas


LAC Inaugural Lecture: Technological Opportunities and A Dynamic Post-Covid Future for Latin America

Speaker: Professor Carlota Pérez, Honorary Professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP-UCL) and at SPRU, University of Sussex