Preliminary findings from Condor project feature on Uruguayan TV

condor project

On January 27, 2021, the evening news programme Informe Capital of Uruguayan TV channel TV Ciudad discussed in a dedicated newsclip some of the preliminary findings of the research project conducted by Dr Francesca Lessa on transnational human rights violations in South America. It particularly highlighted how Lessa’s Database on South America’s Transnational Human Rights Violations (1969-1981), which she compiled for her Marie Curie project, found that 48% of the victims of cross-border repression in South America were Uruguayan political opponents, who had sought exile in nearby Argentina and were targeted there. The newsclip can be watched in full here (in Spanish). Lessa’s project was also selected to feature in February 2021 in the Research Section of the 26th Newsletter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (pp. 39-40).