Palgrave MacMillan St Antony's Podcast: Gun Trafficking and Violence | From The Global Network to The Local Security Challenge

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How do guns that are produced legally in the US end up being used by armed groups in Latin America? How is gun availability related to violence? What can be done to reduce this illicit flow of arms across borders?

In this Palgrave MacMillan - St Antony's podcast edition, editors and authors discuss their new book "Gun Trafficking and Violence - From the Global Network to the Local Security Challenge". Listen to this conversation to get an insight into the role of US gun production and regulation, the intricacies of organised crime in the Northern Triangle, and to understand how guns are trafficked across the Mexican border.

Speakers: Eugenio Weigend, David Pérez Esparza, Carlos Pérez Ricart (Visiting Fellow 2017 – 2020), Mónica Serrano (DPhil International Relations 1987), Katheryn Aguirre. Moderated by Louisa Wagner (MPhil Latin American Studies 2019)