Meet Our New Students

Meet our new students


The Latin American Centre welcomed the new students who joined our masters programmes at the beginning of this academic year, as well as those who came from other universities as recognised students to work on their doctoral dissertations for a term in Oxford.  In the picture from bottom left: Priscilla Otero, Carina Uchida, Alexander Vivona, Carlos Pérez Ricart, David Doyle, Anya Wasserman, Olga Velasquez, Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Jessica Doyle, Ana Laura Martin Akroyd, Anna Micheletto, Zoe Bouras, Leonardo Gill Correia Santos, Mike Philbin, Robin Pearson, Moshe Ben Hamo Yeger, Paulina Kiendys, Jack Pannell, Charles Defries and Hamish Richardson.


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