Five volume History of Colombia, 1808-2010

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With the publication of Colombia.  La búsqueda de la democracia, 1960-2010, Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó completed the edition of a five volume collection that examines the history of Colombia from independence to 2010.  The collection brings together 25 leading historians, who look at the politics, economics, society, culture and international relations of the country through five distinct periods: 1808-30; 1830-80; 1880-1930; 1930-60; and 1960-2010.  Each volume includes an appendix with a selection of contemporary images, offering visual illustrations of the respective periods.  The collection is accompanied by an additional volume that looks at the history of the country through the history of photography.  As overall editor Professor Posada-Carbó oversaw the project, while counting  on the significant contributions of Adolfo Meisel Roca, Beatriz Castro, Malcolm Deas, and Jorge Orlando Melo, who coordinated the edition of volumes 1, 2, 4 and 5 respectively.  Malcolm Deas, Emeritus Fellow of the Latin American Centre, was in charge of selecting the photographs of the accompanying volume, Colombia a través de la fotografía, 1842-2010).  Contributors to the collection include historians and social scientists based in a wide range of universities in Colombia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Canada, such as Frank Safford, Patricia Londoño, David Bushnell (qepd), Marco Palacios, Stephen Randall, Rocío Londoño, Carlos Camacho, and Victor Uribe-Urán.  The latest volume (5), coordinated by Jorge Orlando Melo, includes chapters by Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín (Politics), Miguel Urrutia (Economy), Alejandro Gaviria (Society), Rodrigo Pardo (Foreign Relations), and Melo (Culture).