Conference Call for Papers: Security and Criminality in the Americas - Governing the Unruly


Security and Criminality in the Americas
Governing the Unruly

Latin American Centre
University of Oxford

3-4 June, 2019


The interaction between criminality and everyday life in the Americas continues puzzling academic researchers and policymakers well into the first quarter of the twenty-first century. Security and human rights seems balancing on a tightrope giving and taking spaces for urban and rural criminal activity. In light of the ongoing criminality in the region, what can academics suggest to counter violence, corruption and illegal behaviours? Which methods and interpretations can best explain today’s violence, illegal economies, and security gains and failures by the political authorities? This conference seeks to pull together cutting-edge research from social scientists and experts in related disciplines interested in providing suitable justifications to governing criminality and countering the unruly in the Americas.


Key questions to be addressed during the conference include:

What characterizes current criminal activities in the Americas?

Which are the varying ways in which criminal groups interact with the state and society?

What governmental (in)action surfaces during heightened insecurity?

What incongruences have development and modernization brought on the rule of law?


Submissions are welcomed from young and established scholars working in the following


Statecraft and the rule of law, Transnational organised crime, Illegalities and everyday life,
Violence and human rights, Justice and punishment, National and local corruption.

Deadline for title and abstract submission (max 250 words) 
30 January 2019


Email your submission to Carlos Solar and Carlos A. Perez Ricart


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Ben Tavener (CC BY 2.0)