Call for Proposals: Programme on Social Mobility and Inequalities in Mexico and Latin America



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Espinosa Yglesias Research Center & Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

announce the opening of the

Programme on social mobility and inequalities in Mexico and Latin America


The Latin American Centre (LAC) and the Espinosa Yglesias Research Center (CEEY) launched this programme with the objective of developing projects and actions of mutual interest and benefit related to teaching, research and links in the fields of social mobility and socioeconomic development in Mexico and Latin America.


Masters and doctorate students in all branches of social science at the University, with preference to those in Latin American Studies, are now invited to apply for a grant to undertake fieldwork in Mexico during 2019 on the topic of social mobility and inequality of opportunities in education, health, employment, and financial inclusion.


  • The grant covers transportation and maintenance in Mexico up to a maximum amount of £2,000
  • The student will be based at CEEY’s headquarters in Mexico City and have access to specialized libraries as well as to a wide range of Mexican databases on socioeconomic data, both at CEEY and elsewhere
  • The student will carry out their fieldwork in Mexico under the supervision of a researcher from CEEY, and will have to opportunity to present their research at the internal seminar


A committee appointed by LAC and CEEY will be in charge of the selection of grant beneficiaries. Applications will be judged on the relevance, potential, and feasibility of the project, according to the quality of the information provided, including a sufficiently detailed budget.


The deadline for submissions is 15 May 2019. Please submit your application by email to:


Grant winners will be announced shortly afterwards. A condition for receiving the grant will be the willingness of the grantee to acknowledge the contribution of CEEY to their research, and to publish the results of the research on its website. If you have any further questions, please contact Diego Sanchez-Ancochea (