Article by Dr Andreza A de Souza Santos (Director of the Brazilian Studies Programme and LAC Course Director) published by Contemporary Social Science

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The Journal Contemporary Social Science has published Andreza’s paper “Informal Practices in Politics and Society in Brazil”. This article explores how informal practices changed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. While informality has been discussed as a practice across different class and power scales, and the state as well as precarious workers are studied in their informal actions, with the pandemic there was a growing pressure to locate informal earners for cash transfer policies. The heterogeneity of informality, the complexity in addressing people and places as informal, the stigmatization or inclusion that comes with terminologies, are all discussed in this article.  The paper was published open access and can be downloaded in this link:

This paper also opens the Special Issue: “The prism of Brazil: informal practices in politics and society”, with contributions from authors discussing informal justice and trials, informal political practices during campaigns and beyond, informal housing, and the history of informality.


You can find the full list of articles here:


Contributors for the Special Issue are:

Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos, University of Oxford (Editor)

Brodwyn Fischer, University of Chicago

Marie Kolling, Danish Institute for International Studies

Victor Albert, HSE University

Corentin Cohen, University of Oxford

Martjin Koster and Flavio Eiro, Radboud University

Matthew Aaron Richmond, LSE

Debora Quintela and Flavia Biroli, University of Brasilia