Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó

Research Interests
Research Disciplines:
  • History
  • Political Science
Research Keywords:
  • Electoral history, Intellectual history, parlamentary history, history of journalism
Research Cluster:
Contact Information
  • Iglesia católica, política y partidos en Colombia, 1910-1914

    Edited by:
    Castro, M
  • La "Barra" en los congresos de Colombia y Chile, siglo XIX

    POSADA-CARBO, E, Galan-Guerrero, LG
  • Book Forum. Imperial collapse or revolution? A discussion of Brian R. Hamnett's The End of Iberian Rule on the American Continent, 1770-1830

  • La novela como historia

    Posada-Carbó, E
  • Liberalism and Democracy

    POSADA-CARBO, E, Philip, M
    Edited by:
    Innes, J, Philip, M
  • Translating the US Constitution for the Federal Cause in New Granada at the Time of Independence

    Posada-Carbo, E
  • Congresses versus caudillos : the untold history of democracy in Latin America, with special emphasis on New Granada (Colombia), 1830–60. A new research agenda

    Posada-Carbó, E
  • Las prácticas electorales en Chile, 1810-1970

    Posada-Carbo, E
  • Colombia 5. 1960/2010. La búsqueda de la democracia

    Autores, V
    Edited by:
  • Colombia. Mirando hacia dentro. Tomo 4 (1930-1960)

    Autores, V
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