Workshop "Forty years on from Operation Condor: Comparative Experiences in the Southern Cone and Brazil:” Final Report now available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

On June 24, 2016, Dr Francesca Lessa organised together with the Observatorio Luz Ibarburu a closed-session workshop, held at the Montevideo’s Municipal Government in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the participation of human rights activists, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and members of national ministries, for a total of 36 participants. Taking as starting point the Operation Condor trial in Buenos Aires, but also investigations in Chile and Uruguay on the same subject, the discussion focused on the legal and factual challenges associated with investigating transnational crimes. Working in two small groups, the goal was to develop suggestions for concrete tools and strategies to implement at the national and regional levels to facilitate the investigation of Operation Condor crimes. Two key recommendations that emerged from the workshop were: the creation of teams dedicated exclusively to the investigation of human rights lawsuits and the need to establish channels ensuring a smooth flow of information, such as for example, creating a database for judges and prosecutors to access information and records to use in judicial proceedings. 

The final report is now available in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

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