The Ronaldo Falconer Scholarship

The Ronaldo Falconer Scholarship is open to young persons who are residents of Costa Rica of whatever nationality, race or creed. It is awarded and wholly financed by the Ronaldo Falconer Charity, a private independent charity founded under the will of Ronaldo Falconer (1895-1973).

Ronaldo Falconer was a British national who, during his life, established and maintained close links with Costa Rica, becoming a citizen of Costa Rica in 1919. He later served as Honorary Consul for Costa Rica in Europe, and on his death made provision in his Will for the establishment of the charity.

One scholarship of £9,000 is available for the 2019/20 academic year to study for the MPhil or MSc in Latin American Studies, taught by the Latin American Centre.





Award Criteria

  1. Applications for the Ronaldo Falconer Scholarship are invited from residents of Costa Rica who are qualified to undertake postgraduate study and research at the University of Oxford. The award is not normally made to persons who are over 30 years old.
  2. The successful candidate will ideally be based at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, which specialises in advanced study and research in the fields of Latin American history, politics, economics, international relations and sociology. Candidates must have fulfilled the University’s admission requirements, including the University’s English Language requirements.

How to Apply

1.       Complete the online application for the MSc or MPhil in Latin American Studies at the University of Oxford. You should specify St Antony’s College as your first choice of college.

2.       Once you submit your application please write an email to the LAC Admissions Secretary ( requesting to be considered for the scholarship and explaining how you meet the criteria listed above no later than Friday 25 January 2019, 12 noon UK time.

3.       Incomplete applications, or applications not submitted by the deadline will not be considered for LAC-Rolnado Falconer funding. Please ensure you meet the requirements for entry to your course, including English language requirements. See the Course Guide for more information. Further information is available by email to LAC Admissions Secretary.

4.       Your application will be considered by the Ronaldo Falconer Selection Committee based at the LAC. The successful candidate will be notified once they have received an official offer to study on the MSc or MPhil in Latin American Studies. Incomplete applications, or applications not submitted by the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship.