Business and Human Rights

With the UN Guiding Principles, greater attention has been paid to the role of business in the violation of human rights. This project has developed a database of claims by victims of such violations in Latin America using the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre archive. It aims to track those claims and to assess when they have ended in some remedy for victims. It pays particular attention to the role of the state, domestic and transnational social movement, and the type and policy of companies in explaining remedy.

The Impact of Transitional Justice


Transitional justice (TJ) is a set of policy mechanisms aimed at actively promoting human rights protections. It is broadly defined as the judicial and non-judicial processes designed to reckon with past human rights violations following periods of political turmoil, state repression, or armed conflict. This project analyses the success of TJ in achieving goals of improving democracy and human rights and ending conflict.

MOxLAD Database

Economic & Social History Programme, Universidad de la República, Montevideo

MOxLAD - Statistical series for more than forty economic and social indicators over the whole twentieth century, covering twenty countries in the region. It is designed as a resource for economic and social historians worldwide. It is the only source that brings together publicly available data for 1900-2000 from a wide range of official publications and presents them on a consistent basis. Coverage is now being expanded, both backwards to 1870 and forwards to 2010"