Alan Angell

Emeritus Fellow; LAC Associate Member

I came to the Latin American Centre in 1966 after having spent a year in Colombia with UNESCO and before that lecturing at the University of Keele. Initially my appointment was shared with the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London where I ran a seminar programme on Latin America. I became a University Lecturer and Fellow of St Antony’s in 1970 and I have been here since I retired in 2006.

Rosemary Thorp

Emeritus Fellow; LAC Associate Member

Rosemary Thorp was Reader in the Economics of Latin America and is an Emeritus Fellow of St Antony's College. She was for three periods Director of the Latin American Centre. During 2003-04 she was Director of Queen Elizabeth House, the University's Institute of Development Studies. In December 2001 she became for five years the Chair of Trustees of Oxfam G.B. Her “Progress, Poverty and Exclusion: an Economic History of Latin America in the Twentieth Century” , written at the invitation of the Inter-American Development Bank, is a much-used textbook.

Dr John Crabtree

Research Associate; LAC Associate Member

I came back to Oxford, where I had done my undergraduate studies in modern history, in 1983, and have been a research associate at the LAC and a senior member of Saint Antony's College for much of the time since then. I specialise in the politics of the Andean countries, on which I have written widely. In 2012, I published a short book on Bolivian politics since 2006 and am currently working on a book on Peruvian politics.

I hold an MA from Liverpool University and a PhD from Oxford Brookes University where I am currently also a visiting researcher.

Laurence Whitehead

Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College; LAC Associate Member

Laurence Whitehead is a Senior Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford University, and until 2015 was Senior Fellow of the College.  During 2005/6 he served as Acting Warden there.  In 2011/2 he served as Senior Proctor of the University.  

Dr Laura Rival

Associate Professor in Anthropology and Development; LAC Associate Member

Since I came back to Oxford as a lecturer, I have divided my time between the Department of International Development, where I introduce students to social and cultural anthropology; the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME), where I collaborate with my colleague Elizabeth Ewart and supervise students interested in the indigenous cultures of lowland South America; the LAC, where I talk about indigenous peoples, their rights, and environmental governance; and my college, Linacre, where I support student efforts to lead the university on a low carbon development path.

Dr Halbert Jones

Director, Rothermere American Institute; LAC Associate Member

I joined the Latin American Centre in 2011, when I arrived at St Antony’s College to lead its North American Studies Programme, an initiative to explore the connections between the states and societies of the North American region, broadly defined as extending from the Arctic to Central America and the Caribbean.  In 2016, I became director of the Rothermere American Institute, Oxford’s centre for the study of the history, politics, and literature of the United States.

Professor Andrew Hurrell

Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Fellow of Balliol College; LAC Associate Member

Andrew Hurrell is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations and a Fellow of Balliol College.His major interests include international relations theory and the international relations of Latin America, with particular reference to the foreign policy of Brazil, regionalism, and US-Latin American relations.

Ms Samantha Truman

Library Assistant

I think that the Latin American Centre Library is a truly inspirational place in which to work. Which other library covers Latin America, a fascinating and ever-changing region, so well; ensures working with such knowledgeable academics and supporting so many enthusiastic and interesting students and visitors? All this in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Ms Rebeca Otazua

Senior Library Assistant

I have been at the Latin American Centre Library since December 2009. The Centre is an open gate to Latin America; lively and eclectic as this part of the world. 

I feel really lucky to be part of the Library team and enjoy helping students and academics. I love being surrounded by our unique collection of books and having the opportunity to meet many interesting people with a broad knowledge on the field. 

Professor Leigh A. Payne

Latin American Centre; Professor of Sociology

Despite transitions from authoritarian rule, human rights violations continue in the Americas. My research focuses on building human rights cultures in the region. It focuses on overcoming impunity for past abuses as well as addressing ongoing atrocities with the aim of fulfilling victims’ rights to truth, justice, and remedy. I do this in my work on transitional justice, justice from below, and contentious coexistence.


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