Ethel Garcia Buchard

Ethel Garcia Buchard holds a PhD in history from the University of Costa Rica with a specialty in political history of Central America. She works as a professor at the University where she teaches courses on the history of power and theory of history. She is a researcher from the Center for research on identity and culture Latin American (CIICLA) at the University of Costa Rica. She currently isresearcing citizenship and electoral processes in Honduras during the 19th century.During her stay as an academic visitor at the Latin American Centre, she discussed the results of my research. One of her most recent publications is about Policy and State in Honduran Society of the 19th Century (1838-1872).

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Maria Pinto De La Sota Diaz, 2013-2014

Maria Pinto De La Sota Diaz is a Peruvian national and holds a BA in Economics and a MSc in Social Policy.  During the past 10 years, she gained experience in both the public and development sector. Her work focused on the implementation of projects aimed at improving living conditions among the poor in Peru in different areas: income generating activities, microfinance and environment. Currently, at the Latin Amercian Centre, her research interests focused on inequality and poverty dynamics and their relation to public policies. For that purpose, she analysed how the design and implementation of public policies have experienced important changes in terms of approach, institutional development, targets, and strategies, across different governments.

Irma Mendez

Irma Mendez is a Professor at the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Mexico (FLACSO Mexico). She holds a PhD in Government, at the University of Essex UK and has taught courses on transition to democracy, political parties, elections, electoral behavior and public policy in Mexico and Latin America at post graduate level. Her current research project is on electoral malpractices in presidential elections in Latin America, 2006-2012.

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Irene Delgado

Irene Delgado is an associate professor at the Department of Political Science of the National Distance Education University (UNED) where she teaches Electoral behavior and Political parties.  Sh has also taught political science at the University of Salamanca . Her main fields of research are political parties, political attitudes and elections. She is also interested in epistemological and methodological issues in social science research.

Currently she is a member of the research group on Party–electorate linkages: congressmen distrital activities in Chile, Peru and Bolivia sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education. They will try to answer what kind of role play the deputies’ party on the strategy designed towards electors. Particularly the question they have dealt with is how MPs’ actually conceive their representational role and how this can affect the satisfaction with democracy have citizens.

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