Laurence Whitehead

Senior Research Fellow, Nuffield College; LAC Associate Member

Laurence Whitehead is a Senior Research Fellow in Politics at Nuffield College, Oxford University, and Senior Fellow of the College.  During 2005/6 he served as Acting Warden there.  In 2011/2 he served as Senior Proctor of the University.   His most recent books are Latin America: A New Interpretation, (Palgrave, 2006 second revised updated edition 2010).   Laurence Whitehead,  Democratization: Theory and Experience (OUP, 2002).  His most recent edited publications include The Obama Administration and the Americas: Shifting the Balance (Brookings Press, 2010 ) which he produced jointly with Abraham F. Lowenthal and Theodore J. Piccone; and Democratization in America: A Comparative –Historical Analysis (Johns Hopkins UP, 2009) which he edited jointly with Desmond King,Robert C. Liebermen, and Gretchen Ritter, and (jointly with Marcelo Bergman)  Citizen Security in Latin America (Notre Dame University Press, 2009). His next book ( edited jointly with Jacqueline Behrend) “IIliberal Practices:Territorial Variation within Large Federal Democracies” which will be published by Johns Hopkins Press in mid 2016.

Among recent articles there is  “International Democracy Promotion  as a  Political Ideology: Upsurge and Retreat” in The Journal of Political Ideologies  February 2015;   “Anti democracy Promotion: Four Strategies in Search of a Framework Taiwan Journal of Democracy December 2014 ; “ “Enlivening” the Concept of Democratisation: The Biological Metaphor” in Perspectives on Politics, july 2011;“Losing ‘the Force’? The Dark Side of democratization after Iraq“ in  Democratization, April 2009; and “The Crash of “08” in the Journal of Democracy, January 2010 . 

He is editor of an Oxford University Press series, ‘Studies in Democratization’ and President of the Conseil Scientifique of the Institut des Ameriques in Paris, and belongs to the steering committee of the Red Eurolatinoamericana de Gobernabilidad para el Desarrollo.

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